10 Ways to Say I Love You This Valentine’s Day

01If you’re looking for something a little different to show how you feel Valentine’s Day, have a look at these fun ideas to express your love.

Spell it out. You can write out a (backwards) message with a squeeze bottle before you pour your pancakes. Or just cut out whatever you’re serving with a sweet message. Using cookie cutter letters to spell things out with fruit and serving them as kebabs is pretty cute too.



Make a heart out of post-it notes. Or better yet, leave little notes everywhere.




Heart-shaped Food. Get creative with it. Use a cookie cutter to cut hearts out of cucumber, melon, cheese, pepperoni… Make heart-shaped pancakes or eggs by dropping them into a (metal) cookie cutter in the pan.



Write a little book with a letter of the alphabet on each page. Fill in your ABC’s of love and gratitude. All you need is a small notebook, craft supplies of your choice, and your imagination.



Deck of Cards Notebook. I love this idea and they can carry one around in their pocket or wallet for each week of the year. Or use it as your personal deck of cards.



Make your own candy with a personal touch. Use edible flowers or gold flakes to make them extra special. A little food colouring in your sweetheart’s favourite colour is a nice touch.make-your-own-candy


I Love You Because Frame. Write messages on here with an erasable pen and change it up as often as you like!



Make a game with candy as the pieces to express your love. And spend some time (the ultimate expression of love) playing it with a loved one.



Jar of Candy. Pick out their favourite candy and find an appropriate message to tie them together. If your honey has a sweet tooth, you could write “I’m sweet on you” or something equally adorable.



Snail mail. Send a love note to your sweetheart’s workplace where they would least expect it. <3



If you’d like to make a Valentine for your sweetheart but you are not skilled with a glue gun, check out these DIY Valentines for the Crafting Impaired.