Anyone Can Exercise At Home With These Tips

Would you believe that Kiwis get less exercise than Americans? This is what was revealed recently in a report from Global Observatory for Physical Activity. It’s time to step up and get active New Zealand. Not only to show up the Americans, but to live longer, healthier lives. As you can see from the following images, nobody is exempt from the ability to exercise from home. If you don’t have a baby at home, substitute with weights. As always, please consult your physician prior to undertaking a new exercise program.


The shoulder press is great for upper body strength. You can do bench presses at the gym but you can easily do these at home. Watch a video for technique here.



Walking lunges can be done around the house with our without a baby in your arms. They are a lot more fun than static lunges and baby will be mesmerized by the up and down motion as well as the moving scenery. Learn how to do static lunges here.



Planks are a great way to interact with baby to take the focus on how much you may dislike this exercise. If you are so inclined, you can lay baby beside you and hold a plank between push-ups. Perfect your plank here.



Hold on to baby or place your little one in a carrier to do some lunges. Whether you like a wide or regular stance, feel free to place a chair behind you for added support if you’re starting out. Just don’t forget to get back up! Improve your squat technique here.



Arm curls will do your biceps some good. Baby will enjoy this and you can interact with funny faces to keep him occupied. Learn how to do proper arm curls here.



Twist are fun for baby and great for your abs. Start with your feet flat on the ground and start raising them as shown when you have mastered the former. Also known as the Seated Russian Twist, you can learn how to do them here.



Leg raises are great for your abs. Here you can hold your baby to make it more challenging, or incorporate shoulder press to make the most of your time. Learn how to do leg raises here.


Crunches are a fun way to play peek-a-boo with your baby. Smiling while you work out is a bonus too! Watch this video with a modified crunch you can work up to.



Glute raises are challenging but extremely rewarding. Alternate between glute raises and crunches if you’d like to try something more challenging. Check out a tutorial here.



Although you wouldn’t technically do this with weights, it’s a lot of fun. Just make sure to burp the baby first! Have fun exercising and interacting with your baby. and you won’t regret making the time for both of you.