DIY Jewellery You Can Make

Whether you’re looking to add some unique accessories to your collection, or want to present a homemade gift, these jewellery ideas will get your creative juices flowing. With just a few tools, and some basic techniques, you will be well on your way to mass production of beautiful, funky, jewellery to impress your family and friends.


This is a sweet idea for a ring or bracelet. Keep it simple with a lovely little heart to show yourself some love, or spread the love around!



With so many lvoely patterns of washi tape, I am always looking for fun new projects to make. This is one of the latest ideas that caught my attention. Easily customized and with an endless number of possibilities, there will be no end to the creations you can make.



There’s nothing more satisfying than being complimented on a piece of jewellery you created with your own two hands. These are sure to catch people’s

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Create your favourite shapes and colours with this fun tutorial to make your own unique earrings.



I love making crafts with everyday items. This washer necklace is fun and versatile. Make a statement and feel proud knowing you made this masterpiece yourself!