10 Healthy Recipes to Make Your Resolutions Stick

The best way to healthy eating is by practicing moderation and trying new, tasty recipes with whole foods. I’m no expert, but it’s just a hunch. Start off the new year with realistic expectations and goals for greater success.

If you’re trying to eat more whole foods, skip the pasta and make Sweet Potato Noodles with Cashew Sauce. This recipe won’t disappoint your taste buds or waist line.



Mix up your salad style by trying new recipes and ingredients. Quinoa is a great way to add protein to an otherwise light meal. Strawberry, quinoa, spinach and cashew salad is sure to satisfy.



Balsamic Chicken with Asparagus and Tomatoes is a great way tto increase your vegetable intake without sacrificing flavour. Add all your favourite vegetables to make this recipe even more appealing.



I love wraps but I am trying to avoid eating so much break. This is a fantastic idea to increase my intake of vegetables and reduce by break consumption.



I often get in a rut and serve rice with our meals, but there are so many other delicious grains to choose from. Make Lemon Millet with Grilled Asparagus and Blistered Tomatoes. This also pairs well with a nice fish filet.


Salmon is my favourite fish and this recipe begs to be made again and again.



There’s no reason why we can’t enjoy our favourite flavours. My kids weren’t crazy about Zucchini Pizza Boats but they are better than no pizza I’m sure. The trick for my family is to increase how healthy those tastes become over time. Next step: adding veggies as toppings.



Pack all your favourite goodies in your own baked spring rolls. It may take a while to get the hang of wrapping them but they will be delicious regardless!



When I tire of vegetables I like to add a little fruit to a stir fry. I throw some cashews into this as well. Mango Chicken with Coconut Cauliflower is a hit at our table.



There’s no reason why we shouldn’t indulge in a little dessert every now and then. Enjoy Avocado Banana Mint “Ice Cream” without dairy or all that added sugar. Yum!avocado-banana-mint-ice-cream


Looking for ways to get more vegetables in your diet without sacrificing taste? Check out these recipes that your taste buds will thank you for!